Security & Fire Systems

Choose from a range of Security and Fire Alarm systems that are modern, user friendly and reliable.


Protection from theft or vandalism, intruder alarms are a simple yet effective way to secure your property. Providing you the comfort, security and peace of mind with our multiple monitoring options available. Configure and section parts of your premise to activate security – whether you’re working late and solo in the office, or when the family has gone to bed – turn on specific areas for added security.


One of the most effective ways to deter intruders for residential and commercial buildings – CCTV can be used to not only protect your premise, but also enable insights and analytics into your business and cliental. With full HD video and picture quality.


More than just one and two-way communications at point of entry, our intercom devices come in all levels and specifications to fit your needs. From multi-points within your premises, to varying range and distance for offsite communication.


From grade 1 monitoring stations, back to base monitoring – at all levels, monitoring can be as effective as providing alerts and notifications to owners or emergency services. Ask us about our GPRS monitoring protection using mobile service (4G technology) with single or multi network providers to guarantee your security protection.

Self-Monitoring & Off-site Control

Using your mobile device, you can not only access your home or office security system, but have advanced control from anywhere, at any time. Activate your security alarm system, confirm if systems are on or have been triggered, check cameras and activity through self-monitoring app.

Access Control

Keyless access using swipe card or fob systems. With access security control, you know who enters your business, when they enter and what door they use. Our systems allow you to control the authorisation and access permissions of all personnel, with smart reporting that includes suspicious activity notification. In addition, our systems can be integrated with security and risk management software.


From Single occupancy to multi-story and tenancy buildings, Base WA has the knowledge and experience to install and maintain the most reliable fire detection and alarm systems. We install fire indicator panels, occupancy warning systems and perform repetitive maintenance on these devices.

Maintenance & Upgrades

Whether it’s a routine check or you’re looking to upgrade your system – our team of experts are here to continually support your needs. See our Maintenance & Support page for further details.

How it works


Tell us about your property and your security or electrical needs


We’ll walk you through our wide product selection, with our expert advice and recommendations, to select exactly what your premise needs


We’ll confirm you are happy with the system selection and coverage


We’ll source the system for you


Schedule an appropriate day and time that works for you for our team of experts to come


Got any problems or questions? We will continue to support you through your new and enhanced system